Castries Harbour – St Lucia

Castries Harbour
Castries Harbour – St Lucia

As you drive out of Castries heading south
over Morne Fortune you will come to a
look out point with the view above facing

This shot was made on a day when there were
no cruise ships in port, affording one a clear
view all the way up to St Lucia’s northern most

On a clear day you can see Martinique in the
distance, and although you can’t see it in the
picture above it was visible on the day this
picture was shot.

One thing that is undeniable about St Lucia is
its stunning beauty… steep hills resplendently
clad in blazing green foliage rise clear out of
beautiful blue ocean water at just about every
turn and the sea is never far out of sight.

Many visitors have told me that St Lucia reminds
them of Hawaii, but as my friend Jim told me the
other day – “Kirk it took me 16 hours flying through
6 time zones to get to Hawaii while St Lucia has the
same east coast time zone and is just 5 or so hours
from the east coast.”

And having visited Hawaii myself I can say without
hesitation that St Lucia is tops in terms of scenic
beauty and like Jim, I too agree that St Lucia trumps
Hawaii especially if you are on the US east coast.

Plus there’s a unique Caribbean vibe that just can’t be
found anywhere else in the world and this laid back
vibe is simply priceless.

So check out St Lucia with a private taxi tour or on your
own with a car or a jeep…But which ever way you choose
you are sure to have a blast!

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