4th of July

So I thought I’d take time out today to send greetings to
all of the alumni celebrating the 4th of July today…

Which made me think back to one 4th of July I happened to
be in Miami with a brand new camera I had recently ordered…

Now there was a park across the street from my hotel so I
went over to check out what looked like a great big party
​​​​​​​going on – and what a treat I got…

Below I’ve shared a short slide show of some of the scenes I
captured, and I have to say that this was the most fireworks
I’ve ever seen in my entire life – Gosh it went on for over
an hour!

Way cool was when a security guard let me inside the barricades.
He said that I looked like a professional photographer and so he
thought I’d really enjoy a more up close view of things…

Check out the last two pics in the slide show where I get to
shoot the fireworks looking directly onto the fireworks
launch pad…

Yeah this was pre 9-11 and my oh my how things have changed…

So if you are an American Alumni here’s wishing you a Happy
4th of July … and if you are not American here’s wishing
you a stunningly beautiful day…

And here’s promising you that during the St Lucia Photo Week
you can expect the kind of hospitality that security guard
extended to me – just because…

Would love to hear from you so I invite you to post a comment
below and I’d love for you to share some pictures too so that
I can share some of them right here as I have received so many
“Thank You’s” for sharing Gerome’s pics…

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2 thoughts on “4th of July

  1. Hi Kirk, Great shots of the fireworks. There is an excessive amounts of fireworks in the USA today for sure. Wishing anyone if the US a great 4th of July and a great day to all the other fans of Kirk. Not sure if you can get to the page below without signing up but my page is under construction.

    1. Hi Jimmy,

      Lovely hearing from you and isn’t really cool that you are the
      first one checking in since it was just a day or two ago that
      you made the suggestion that it would be great to have an
      interaction with fellow alumni and also to be able to share
      some of the really cool images that everyone is creating.

      Not sure what happened to that link you wanted to include in
      your post above but since you sent it to me before including
      it here is a breeze …


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