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Saint Lucia Wins BIG at World Travel Awards
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World Travel Awards recently introduced the category of Caribbean’s Leading Adventure & Nature Destination and Saint Lucia is first to win this award!

To celebrate the win St Lucia Photo Tours has combined our two most popular Private Island Experiences into one very special island Adventure with Kirk.

And from the reviews these two island experiences already enjoy on TripAdvisor, this could easily be your Ultimate Vacation Adventure.

In a Nutshell

What We Will Cover – Photography:
  • How the Camera Works – Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO and the Water in a Glass Analogy
  • Composition – Rule of Thirds, One Shot – One Kill vs Spray & Pray … or How to be a Photo Assassin!
  • Mastering Light – Understanding and controlling light for more impactful images
  • Engaging with locals abroad – Engaging with empathy, then backing this up with tipping
  • Circular Polarizers and why this is the only filter Kirk uses 98% of the time
  • Scene Analysis & The Michael Angelo Theory. This technique embodies elegance in simplicity and ties it all together
What You Will Experience & Enjoy – Island Explorer:
  • Watch history come to life as we explore how Saint Lucia came to be the Helen of the West Indies
  • Visit a local community and experience Authentic Community life up close & personal.
  • Discover how we are championing Sustainable Tourism Development post-COVID
  • Connect with Authentic St Lucia in a way that makes this so much more than just another tour.
  • Since our groups are small we are able to offer a high degree of personalized customization even with group tours.
What’s Included:
  • Pick Up at your accommodations
  • Piton Beer, Water & Lunch.
  • Admission to any locations where an admission fee is in effect

7 – 8 hours based on the
locations we visit

Adventures by Kirk in Detail

St Lucia Photo Tour Meets St Lucia Island Explorer.

Kirk Elliott St Lucia Excursions
Kirk Elliott

So you have a fancy digital camera but you’re not getting the most out of it. Then The St Lucia Photo Tour is the perfect St Lucia excursion for you.   Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned photographer our Photo Tour is an amazing day of photography learning, shooting, image critiquing and more. We will help you take your photography to a whole new level and best of all – you’ll have the photos to prove it!

The tour is led by acclaimed St Lucia photographer Kirk Elliott who is a National Geographic Certified Educator and a New York Times Assignment Photographer. Kirk’s counter intuitive and contrarian approach to photography will have you seeing the world in a whole new light and your images will be so much the better for it.

Photo Enthusiasts love this tour so much that they’ve ranked it as the #1 Outdoor Saint Lucia Activity on TripAdvisor (2015 – 2020); and TripAdvisor ranks it as one of the Top 5 Photo Tours in the entire Caribbean!

During COVID we switched to Private Experiences exclusively to protect guests by not mixing them with anyone outside their household. We then added the Private Island Explorer for folks who were not as much into photography, but loved the idea of a custom designed excursion that engaged them via Zoom in planning the day out so that their interests were covered. These private experiences immerse visitors in Saint Lucia’s culture, history, and cuisine in a deeper way than on the Photo Tour and folks simply couldn’t get enough.

Adventures by Kirk brings these two classic island excursions together into a single tour that is ideal for photographers and delightful for accompanying non-photographer spouses or significant others too.

In fact, we think Adventures by Kirk might just be: Your Ultimate Saint Lucia Adventure.

Private or Ultra Small Groups ONLY

Book your Island Adventure either as a Private Experience for a couple or a family or friends vacationing together.

Alternatively you can book as part of an Ultra Small Group of no more than 10 persons.

What sets our Island Experiences apart from all other island tours is both the level of personalization you will enjoy as well as the depth of Kirk’s knowledge both in photography as well as the history and culture of the Saint Lucia.

You will discover how St Lucia factored in the American War of Independence and how the island went on to defeat the British to enjoy a Year of Freedom in 1795-96. Then there is the role the island played supporting America during World War II, and how President Roosevelt visited St Lucia to inspect the Naval Outpost the US established here in 1940 to counter the Germans. Kirk will take you on a captivating journey as he brings history and culture to life for you on top of your photography master class.

Private Zoom Consultation Before You Book

Book a Zoom Consultation by completing the form above or below to discover more. When you book we will send you a photo questionnaire which will help us add value to your day out on your Adventure with Kirk.

During our zoom we will explore what areas of photography you find most challenging, what you hope to accomplish specifically on your Photo Tour day, and how we will go about accomplishing this mission. And we’ll also explore what the Island Explorer will look like based on the things that interest your non-photographer spouse/partner

With all of this covered you’ll be all set for that amazing day out we’ve promised…

Pricing: Enjoy 20% OFF with Coupon Code: ADVENTURE20, Plus get a $100.00 Photography Gift Voucher with Your Booking

Private Bookings:

U$1295.00 – 2 Persons + $350.00 each additional Photographer & $150.00 each additional non-Photographer

Group Bookings:

Tuesdays & Thursdays (10 persons max)

U$350.00 per Photographer & $150.00 per accompanying non-Photographer

So if you have a passion for photography and would love to pack some adventure into the mix for the Ultimate St Lucia Excursion, click the Book a Consultation button below to schedule a Zoom so we can explore the possibilities with you. 

About Kirk

Kirk Elliott is graduate of the University of the West Indies where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology & Chemistry. This was back when St Lucia was exploring geothermal energy to prpduce electricity. That project didn’t take flight so Kirk turned to his true love and passion – Photography, and never looked back.

Kirk has trained with some of the best photographers in the world, from Hawaii to Miami and across the Caribbean too.  As a past member of the American Society for Media Photographers (ASMP) he is versed in both the art and the business of photography. 

Kirk is passionate about sharing the photography knowledge and insights he has gained over the years.  And he’s equally as excited about sharing the very best of his Saint Lucia with you

Kirk is a National Geographic Certified Educator and a New York Times Assignment photographer, shooting their International House Hunters series and any other assignments that may arise. 

Additionally, Kirk is passionate about climate change mitigation and sustainable tourism development to empower and support vulnerable local communities.  Kirk holds Sustainable Tourism in Small island Developing States certification from the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences and just this year Cornell University in upstate New York awarded him a scholarship to pursue Sustainable Tourism Destination Management certification.

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Private Photo Tour & Private Island Explorer – South Side Saint Lucia

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