Private Sunset Cruise Dinner

In a Nutshell

Here’s What You Will Enjoy:
  • 2 Hour Private Sunset Cruise or 4 Hour Sunset Dinner Cruise
  • Champagne, Piton Beer, Premium St Lucia Rums, Wine, Sparkling Water, Coke, Sprite, Ginger Ale, and Our OMG Special Cocktail are all included
  • Additionally if you have any particular drink preferences these will be included upon request
  • Fruit Platter, Charcuterie Board and Assorted Hors d’Oeuvres are included
  • A wide range of choices awaits you for dinner which we can discuss in your Zoom Consultation
  • This is a totally relaxing and beautiful way to spend an evening that promises to be a highlight of your St Lucia Vacation

2 – 4 Hours approximately

In Detail

Rocking on the Private Sunset Cruise

Come enjoy a leisurely evening cruise along gentle Caribbean waters as you sip champagne, enjoy live music, have a private chef prepare you dinner as you watch the sun setting off a sparkling horizon. Your St Lucia holiday doesn’t get much better than this, and this is what your very own Private Sunset Cruise can be. Can you see it already?! And with dinner optional this could just be one of your most memorable vacation experiences ever…

There’s simply no better way to simply chill and relax as you let the rhythms of the island wash over you and we invite you to connect with us to explore the possibilities.

On this private St Lucia excursion we generally head south if we are leaving from the north of the island and we make our way down to Marigot Bay which has been ranked as one of the most picturesque bays in the entire Caribbean, and also one of the safest anchorages.

Marigot Bay is unique in having a bay within the bay as there is an outer bay and an inner bay. Not only does this make the bay a stunning sight to behold, but it is also responsible for it being such a calm and sheltered moorings. and this is responsible for it being such a sheltered mooring.

Dinner Within The Bay

Moored For Dinner in Marigot Bay

For dinner we generally pick a spot within the inner bay where you can chill and just let the evening wash over you. Everything is nice and relaxed and dinner itself is a sumptuous indulgence whether it is self service buffet style or it is an onboard private chef affair.

Then after dinner we chill some more just enjoying the vibes of good company, good music, and drinks flowing before making our way back to port.

So if this sounds like just your kind of evening hit us up through either the Chat or the Book a Consultation button below some we can explore some ideas and customize a Private Sunset Cruise specifically for you…