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St Lucia Based New York Times Photographer Making Saint Lucia The Santorini of The Caribbean

Award Winning Saint Lucia photographer Kirk Elliott is on a mission to transform his island home, Saint Lucia into the Santorini of the Caribbean. He aims to achieve this with his St. Lucia Flying Dress Summer Spectacular Photography Extravaganza, and persons visiting Saint Lucia are invited to join in the fun.

St. Lucia Flying Dress
St Lucia Flying Dress Photography

This bold idea grew out of a recent flying dress photo shoot Elliott did with a client who was blown away by his passion for excellence and his attention to detail. “My Flying dress experience in St Lucia was epic. It was everything I expected & more!” Nykichia S posted on TripAdvisor.

After the shoot it was Nykichia’s friend, Brian who said: “Kirk, Kichia kept talking about your style and energy before we even left for this holiday. Now, having watched the way you worked with her you really should be doing more of these flying dress shoots. You are a true Ambassador for your island as not only did you create a really special event for Kichia, you also took us places and showed us the real Saint that we would otherwise have never seen.”

In reviewing Kichia’s pictures the magnitude of what we created finally struck me. In reflecting on Brian’s recommendation, I had to agree that there was definitely a magic here that was worth sharing with the world. So was born this idea of making Saint Lucia the Santorini of the Caribbean with this St Lucia Summertime Flying Dress Photography Extravaganza.

These flying dress productions are so much more than just another photo shoot on a beach. They are instead an immersion in a fantasy world from which you emerge feeling like a superstar, a princess, a queen! Best of all, you will come away with some stunning pictures that are a permanent reminder of your special time in St. Lucia.

St Lucia Summer Spectacular Flying Dress Extravaganza

The Low Perceived Value of Flying Dress Photography

The flying dress photo shoot was popularised in Santorini, Greece back in the early 2010’s. While it has been adopted in many other places, including the Caribbean, it has not really taken off in any meaningful way. Elliott, an award winning photographer with over 30 years of commercial photography experience believes that this could be due to what he has observed as a low perceived value to flying dress photography.

St Lucia Flying Dress billowing in the wind
Flying Dress in Motion

In discussions with a number of prospective clients Elliott has found a recurring expectation that a flying dress photo shoot will cost around U$500.00.

However, from a practical standpoint this amount is way below cost. To be effective a successful flying dress photo shoot requires at least one assistant, but ideally two. Then there is the art of making the dress “fly”.

Calculated and informed considerations must be made for wind speed and direction; and contrary to popular belief the best wind is actually no wind at all! Then there is client posing and the timing of shots to ensure the best capture of the dress in motion. Kicking things up a notch or two there is the photographic creativity that allows a seasoned photographer to capture images in which the lady is tack sharp while her flying dress shows clear signs of blowing in the wind.

In a flying dress photo session it is amazing how much transpires literally in the twinkling of an eye. For this reason Kirk will shoot at up to 30 images per second to ensure that he captures perfect shots.

However, professional cameras capable of achieving these mind-boggling results don’t come cheap. Additionally, the photographic expertise required to create flying dress masterpieces is beyond the capabilities of the average person with a camera, and even beyond many who offer flying dress photo services. These are just some of the challenges inherent to the creation of stunning St Lucia flying dress photography and it is these challenges that have Kirk so stoked and excited about making Saint Lucia the Santorini of the Caribbean.

What Sets Kirk’s Flying Dress Photography Apart

Flying Dress at Piaye Beach
Photo Assistant with off camera lighting

For Kirk photography is more than just an undertaking and is instead his passion. “Everything around me is a story waiting to be told and my camera is the tool with which I tell” Kirk explains. He begins every flying dress engagement with a Zoom Consultation in which he engages with prospective clients.

Together they take a deep dive into the reason for the shoot, obstacles and challenges, desired outcomes, and so much more. This sets the stage for amazing photography, as these consultations allow Kirk to become a trusted friend rather than just some random photographer. The outcome is images that absolutely wow clients and even have them deciding on returning to St. Lucia in the future.


He’s what Kichia had to say over on TripAdvisor:

My Flying dress experience in St Lucia was epic. It was everything I expected & more. My photographer Kirk Elliott started this project with a zoom meeting weeks before to get my vision & to assess my vibe. The rest was magic. 

If you’re ever in St Lucia & want some great photos check out Kirk Elliott, it will definitely be an experience of a lifetime.

Nykichia S, New York, USA

Packages & Prices

I’ve left this part for last because frankly, it is the least important factor in your Flying Dress Photo Shoot. While price is an important factor in any undertaking, it’s easy to appreciate that if you pay pennies on the dollar and you get crappy pictures your money will be wasted… and worse, you will be pissed!

On the other hand, when you receive amazing pictures and have an equally amazing time, this becomes a beautiful experience that is worth every penny spent.

… and best of all – You will have the pictures to prove it!

Hence the reason I stated that price is really not the determining factor when it comes to Flying Dress Photography.

Two Packages To Choose From


  • 1 Location
  • 1 Outfit (Flying Dress Only)
  • 1 Person Only
  • Transportation
  • 60 – 80 images Shot
  • Deliverables: 10 hi res images that have been processed for Best Clarity, Colour and Sharpness

Cost: U$650.00

Additional images beyond 10 can be purchased at U$50.00 ea


  • 2 Locations
  • Up to 2 Outfits (Flying Dress and 1 other)
  • Up to 2 Persons in the shoot
  • Transportation
  • 150 – 200 images shot
  • Deliverables: 20 hi res images that have been processed for Best Clarity, Colour and Sharpness

Cost: U$1,000.00

Additional images beyond the 20 can be purchased at U$50.00 ea

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About Kirk Elliott

Kirk Elliott is St Lucia’s best known photographer due to his passion for photography, his attention to detail and his interdisciplinary certifications. Through his photography Kirk has been inducted into the TripAdvisor Hall of Fame having been awarded TripAdvisor Certificates of Excellence for 5 consecutive years.

Kirk is also a New York Times Photographer and a National Geographic Certified Educator. The American Hotel & Lodging Association has certified Kirk as a Guest Services Professional in Tourism . Kirk also possesses certifications in Sustainable Tourism Management from Cornell University and from the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences.

Kirk has trained with some of the best photographers in the world, from Hawaii to Miami and across the Caribbean too.

More than just photography – your session with Kirk will be an exploration of your deeper inner self that will manifest through the images you will create together.

This could easily be your most memorable photography experience ever. And it all begins with your Zoom Consultation.

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