STAI Mail: Too Far East is West

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Sustainable Tourism Ambassadors International


…With all the talk today about Sustainable Development and even
Sustainable Tourism I can’t help but hear my Grandma’s voice ringing
in my ear…


You see, these discussions are taking place mostly at governmental
policy levels and within academia often times without translating to
real and meaningful change on the ground.  Thing is there is often a
disconnect between policy makers and everyday people, especially in
small island states like mine, and I am guessing like yours too…


Truth is big business is driven by the need to deliver profit to shareholders
and this can be challenging as should a sustainable tourism action not
be cost effective to big business that action may suffer at the alter of profit…

So we may hear beautiful speeches about, say – energy saving bulbs, or
inverter fitted A/C units, while other sustainable development actions are
never see the light of day…


And so it is I find myself hearing my GrandMa whispering in my head:
“Told you too far east is west”


But what if there was a simple way to get more of us involved in the
sustainable tourism drive?  And while the common man on the street
clearly has no incentive to participate, what if we could get small tourism
businesses on board by showing them how doing so would not only boost
their bottom lines, but also help preserve their world in the process…


Would love to hear you thoughts on this, and in my next email I will
share some of the ideas spinning round in my head on how this could work
and I’d love to hear what you think…


…Looking forward to your comments below…

Kirk Elliott Sign




Sustainable Tourism Ambassadors International (STAI)


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Here’s Thanking You for both your understanding and your contribution
to the discussion…

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