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St Lucia Poui Tree
St Lucia Poui Tree In Bloom

 Alissa This One Is For You!

It’s just amazing the power that the internet gives us all to connect and I proved this yet again today.  If you have followed my blog for anytime now I’m sure that you have realized that I’ve decided to throw caution to the wind and just share my passion for exploring the beauty that surrounds me down here in St Lucia.

Well as I go about doing this I tend to run into some most interesting sites and people right here in cyberspace and I guess MediaNovak on twitter was one such connection that I made without giving it a second thought.  So you can imagine my pleasant surprise when I turned on my computer this morning and found a personal message from Alissa over at MediaNovak  thanking me for friending her site on Twitter and saying that she loved my work and thought it exuded passion.

Anyhow, long story short – we exchanged a few emails by the end of which I felt like I had found a kindred spirit.  In fact I’ve gone through the entire day on such a bouyant high just from our chance interaction that I have been inspired to give away 100 of my St Lucia Discount Cards with potential savings of at least $500 a card, making this is a whopping $50,000.00 Giveaway!

But then it gets even better because the high that I was on from deciding on this giveaway led me to see as clear as day that the perfect place to end my exclusive St Lucia Photo Tour is at one of the quaintest restaurants in St Lucia (The Pink Plantation House).  So I drove up to the restaurant, unannounced, met with the owner who was just about to leave, told her of my idea and she absolutely loved it!

In fact the idea was so well received that the Michelle, the owner, offered to let us use her gardens for some exotic garden photography to help us end on a high after first shooting in downtown Castries and then over in stunningly beautiful Marigot Bay with it’s mega yachts that are owned by the likes of Saudi Princes and other such rarely encountered mega rich.  And the nicest thing about all of this is that I get to do my first photo tour in two days with my dear friend Jim and his wife Sue who I met on another exotic photo workshop over in Hawaii a few years ago.

Gosh and Alissa all of this came together because of our email exchange today!!!

So this blog post and the beautiful carpet of flowers above are dedicated to you…

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