St Lucia Speed Boat Tour

St Lucia Speed Boat Tour
St Lucia Speed Boat Tour

A St Lucia speed boat tour has suddenly become
all the rage on a St Lucia vacation and while
catamaran boat trips used to be quite popular they
just take so much longer to get to Soufriere…

While a cat will take 2 hrs or more to get to Soufriere
with a speed boat you can do it in 45 minutes without
the engines breaking a sweat.  What this means is that
you get more time on the ground in Soufriere.

So instead of just visiting the nearest waterfall, when
you do any St Lucia speed boat tour you can visit
more sites and sites that are further away.

A popular speed boat tour for cruise ship passengers
is the No Links tour which leaves from Pointe Seraphine.
I recently joined the guys on this tour to experience it
first hand and to get some pictures – and what a great
trip it was…

For starters unlike the catamarans which are high up out
of the water this speed boat was low and sleek and oh so
fast.  Also because the numbers on the speedboat are
much smaller than the catamaran it made for a much more
cosy trip and everyone felt like great friends very quickly

We visited the drive in volcano and enjoyed a soak in the
mineral mud baths, did the volcano tour then went to a
waterfall where you could jump in and feel the water
beating on your chest.

From there we headed back to the docks after picking up
lunch at a rustic local little restaurant.  We then headed off
to the beach at Anse Chastanet Hotel which is great for
swimming and snorkeling…

Lunch was served on the beach followed by about 90
minutes of chill time.  Some guests chilled on the sand the
whole time while others went swimming and still others
went snorkeling

We left the beach at Anse Chastanet around 4:00 PM and
the captain let it rip heading back to Castries – and did
those three 250 horse power engines scream as they
kicked up a powdery mist of sea spay that was far behind
us in two seconds flat as we sped ahead…

It felt like a scene out of Miami Vice and everyone loved it,
but Port Castries seemed to come up all too quickly.  Then
as we headed back into port and the captain throttled back
Jn Louis, our host, brought out the rum punch and started
the music.

And suddenly everyone was rocking to the beat of sweet
island music in perfect time to all the moves that Jn Louis
did up at the front of the boat making for a perfect end to
a perfect day.

So when you vacation in St Lucia a speed boat tour is a
great excursion for you to do…and to put you in the
mood check out the music below which is the sort of
island rhythm you’ll be rocking to…

Speed Boat Tour - St Lucia
Who Let The Dogs Out…


See You Soon…

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