St Lucia Map

Castries - St Lucia

A St Lucia Map is sure bound to come in handy if you are planning a St Lucia vacation.  Whether you simply wish to get a feel for what the road will be like from Hewanorra International Airport on the south side of St Lucia up to your hotel in the north or you just want to get an idea of all the restaurants and bars you can check out in the Rodney Bay Village.

St Lucia Map

And speaking of a map of St Lucia not only is a road map quite handy, but so too is a St Lucia Map that shows you where all the attractions are, whether it’s the Sulphur Springs in Soufriere or Pigeon Island National Landmark up in Gros Islet.

There is one main road that goes right round the island and it mostly follow the coastline, except where it cuts right across the island if you travel from Castries to Vieux Fort via what is locally referred to as the East Coast Road.  Even when you rent a car or jeep and go out exploring on your own it’s hard to get lost as you can tell if you have veered off the main roadway as the secondary roads are distinctly narrower than the main road and the quality of the road surface quickly deteriorates once you venture off the main highway.

Many years ago the main road from the international airport up to Castries was in a rather sorry state of disrepair causing the trip to last well over an hour, especially if you were staying at one of the more northerly hotels in St Luca.  However today the government has invested  a great deal of money in the road network and the road going right round the island is in excellent motoring condition as evidenced by the fact that the journey from the big airport up to Castries can be done in about 45 to 50 minutes without you feeling rushed.

You can pick up fold out St Lucia maps at many places catering to visitors like car rental headquarters and sometimes even at your hotel.  Road map of Castries, Rodney Bay and even Soufriere are all great accompaniments  to any trip that you plan to take.  However why wait until you get to Saint Lucia to check out a St Lucia Map.

Why not check out these really cool maps that I found online which I think are the perfect starting points for you to start planning a great St Lucia Vacation

Click the link below to check out the map now

St Lucia Map

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