St Lucia Freedom Fighters

Amazing Stories of St Lucia Freedom Fighters From Slavery

Come Discover the fascinating story of St Lucia Freedom Fighters 
and how this story compares to the Underground Railroad in the
United States

  • When –   This Sunday October 14th 
  • Where –  At The Office/Interpretation Centre
  • Time –     4:00 PM

Kirk Elliott is doing a National Geographic Certification Course
and is studying Freedom Fighters in the United States and
comparing them to St Lucia Freedom Fighters of Fond Gens Libre.

This is all part of Kirk’s continuing mission to bring International
to Fond Gens Libre to put it on the map.

You are invited to attend a workshop on this fascinating time some
300 – 400 years ago when our forefathers decided that slavery
wasn’t for them.

Click the link below

Click Here ===>>>  Underground Railroad to Freedom & Safety
to see the National Geographic Learning Material we will be
focusing on

Come learn about your history as well as the history of other
Freedom Fighters in other parts of the world

St Lucia Freedom Fighters













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See you Sunday,


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