St Lucia Discount Card

Introducing The St Lucia Discount Card

This page of St Lucia Vacation Discounts
is a work in progress to which I will be
adding more Specials over the coming weeks.

While it is still rough (I’m following the
Fire, Aim model) the discounts are
REAL and the amounts are meaningful.

As an example – A 10% discount on a roundtrip
airport chopper transfer for 2 is U$66…and this
is just 1 of about 10 – 15 discount offers that will
be available

Feel Free to contact me via email (through the
link below) to learn more, or with any questions
or recommendations you may have…


To date you can save on Comments I have received since starting to post to IG regularly have inspired me to re-introduce the St Lucia Discount Card. So over the next couple of weeks I’ll be featuring participating businesses and adding more businesses as they sign on.

The idea behind the Discount Card is a really simple one – I have gone out and negotiated discounts with local business whose services you are likely to enjoy during your St Lucia vacation. Think of these discounts like commissions I’ve received, but instead of keeping the commissions I’m passing them on to you through the St Lucia Discount Card.

Best of all discounts from multiple merchants are worth more than the cost of the card, thus making it a really sweet dealer you.

So go ahead and purchase your Discount Card to unlock BIG SAVINGS now.

Have A Question?

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Here’s what’s confirmed so far, with more coming very soon:


  • Stunning Seaview Apartment #1 – To Be Announced

Tours/ Excursions

  • St Lucia Helicopters – Airport Transfers & Island Tours – 10% Off
  • St Lucia Photo Tour – 10% OFF