St Lucia Car Rental

St Lucia Car Rental
Rent A Car In St Lucia

Wow it’s hard to believe that we have reached the
end of this 10 Things To Do In St Lucia journey as
it seems like just yesterday that we began.
Well I hope that you have enjoyed the choices
I shared with you…

Now I’m sure you remember my friend John and
his challenge for me to send you an email a day
for 21 more days after today’s email.  So be sure to
stick around to discover some more about St Lucia.

Well today I thought we’d explore getting around
with a rental car or jeep and discovering some of
St Lucia at your very own pace…

Best of all I have a little treat for you in the form of
a car rental discount, but more on that later…

Now while we drive on the left side of the road with
cars with their steering on the right, overcoming the
initial disorientation happens very quickly and most
drivers get comfortable in a heartbeat

Why You Should Rent A Car…

As soon as you go out on an excursion or two you very
quickly discover that you are not in control of your time
and that everything is timed.  I recall being on an excursion
recently and only having 15 minutes at this really nice
waterfall and wishing that I could have stayed longer.

Well with a rental car down here in St Lucia you will never
have that problem.  Head down to Marigot Bay and enjoy a
drink at the Sunset Bar atop the hill, or drive down to
Soufriere and explore to your heart’s content

This is the kind of freedom you get with a St Lucia car
rental.  So pick the places you’d like to go then book a
car or jeep and discover the best of St Lucia at your
own pace…

Now earlier I promised you a car rental discount so here’s
the deal…

St Lucia National Car Rental belongs to my uncle so I asked
him to give all me friends a deal … and here it is

Get 10% off your St Lucia car or jeep rental by sending my
uncle and email directly and as part of our hospitality I’ve
asked my uncle to treat you too like family.  So to enjoy your
10% off just click the link below and I’m sure the email title
will give you a kick!

Click Here To Get 10% Off Your St Lucia Car or Jeep Rental

…And Enjoy!!!

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