St Lucia All Inclusive Resorts

St Lucia All Inclusive Resorts
St Lucia All Inclusive Resorts

St Lucia all-inclusive resorts have become all the rage in recent times probably because these resorts allow you to budget for your Caribbean vacation with extreme efficiency.  There are St Lucia all-inclusive resorts for couples such as the Sandals resorts and the Rendezvous as well as all-inclusive resorts that cater to kids as well such as Coconut Bay on Saint Lucia’s south end and The Body Holiday on St Lucia’s northern tip.

One of the best times to vacation at one of the many St Lucia all-inclusive resorts is during the summer when some deep discounts can be found.  Just about all of the all inclusives that you can choose from in St Lucia will offer you optional excursions so that you do not have to confine yourself to the property and no trip to St Lucia is complete without a visit to some of our most popular sites.

Jump on a catamaran and head out on a day sail to Soufriere or opt for a St Lucia car rental and head off to Pigeon Island to explore the history wrapped up over there dating back to the 1600s and 1700s all the way up to the 1900s when America used Pigeon Island as a signal station during World War II

Interestingly enough while all-inclusive resorts have become all the rage they are not necessarily the best thing for places that depend on tourism as their main income earner as it is so easy for you to spend the entire day just basking in all of the indulgences available to you right at your resort.  So do remember to get out and discover the St Lucia that exists beyond the confines of your property.

Explore the Castries Market with its profusion of fresh organic fruit and vegetables then try lunch right there in the market and discover why National Geographic listed this market as the third best food market in the world.  Then check out the Roman Catholic Cathedral in the city center and the 400 year old Massav tree in the Derek Walcott Square next door.

Truth be told the average Joe St Lucian is such a warm and welcoming soul that you’ll be selling yourself short if you came all this way and all you ever experienced was just one of the St Lucia all-inclusive resorts and nothing else. So enjoy the best of both worlds if you are doing a St Lucia all inclusive by enjoying all that these resorts have to offer and also getting out and about to experience the pulse of the island.

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