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Kirk Elliott Private Experiences
Kirk Elliott Private Experiences are all about you…

Arrive as Friends ~ Leave as Family!


Our Private Experiences provide you with the maximum protection against COVID-19 by keeping you in your very own Private Bubble. From VIP Expedited Airport Clearance to just about any island experience you wish to enjoy – We have you covered…

About Our Private Experiences

When COVID-19 first showed up we took a decision to only offer Private Experiences out of an abundance of caution for the safety of our clients just like you.  The idea was an instant hit with folks saying things such as:

  • “It’s really cool having you all to ourselves”
  • “I’m really loving the idea of having you help us create a personalized itinerary”
  • “Gosh, this is like having family in the islands!”

Below you will find a list of the main items we have on offer.

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1. VIP Airport Clearance

St Lucia VIP Airport Clearance
Kirk Elliott VIP Airport Clearance

You will be assigned an Airport Authority Agent to personally walk you through the Health & Safety as well as Customs & Immigration clearances.


Avoid the stress of dealing with COVID Screening, Immigration and Custom clearances and all the other challenges that come with entering a foreign country.  With our VIP Airport Clearance an official from Saint Lucia’s Airport Authority will be there to meet you once you disembark your aircraft.  They will  accompany you through every step of your entry into the island in a smooth and seamless manner that completely eliminates the anxiety that you might otherwise feel as you wonder if you got everything right.

Once you have cleared all checks your Airport Authority Agent will escort you to your waiting transportation on the outside so the joys of your St Lucia getaway can begin.

Here’s what Rob who came away to St Lucia to propose to the love of his life had to say when Kirk asked what was his VIP Airport Clearance like:  “Dude this was simply the best.  First off I felt really special having an official come meet Melissa and me as we came off the plane.  And it was way cool walking past everyone and not having to worry about anything.  My only disappointment was that I was really expecting to have you meet us right at the aircraft, but you’ve more than made up for it with this Pink Champagne we’re drinking now!”

2. Pink Champagne, Fragranced Cold Towel
Private Airport Transfers

Pink Champagne St Lucia
Let the Champagne Flow

Let the Champagne flow as we make our way to your resort or villa.  Welcome to St Lucia – the Paradise that we call home!

  • 60 – 90 minutes depending on your resort of villa location

Having cleared airport security it’s time to get you situated into island mode.  One of our Private Experiences Ambassadors will be waiting curbside to greet you with our signature Pink Champagne that induces the island mode.

Our Pink Champagne Private Airport Transfers are sheer delight as we regale you with saucy island bits like the legend of the island’s three breasted witch, or the story of the Valley of the FREE People where some aspects of the community life remain the same as it was 100 years ago.

Oh yeah – we’ve got so much in store for you!

3. Private Power Cat

Private Power Cat St Lucia
Private Power Cat


    • A half day or full day of scenic relaxation out on the ocean with just the two of you
    • This Island Experience is also ideal for private groups


      • 4 hours – 1/2 Day
      • 8 hours – Full Day


One of the best ways to experience Saint Lucia is from the ocean, and a Power Cat Excursion is one of your most popular choices.  But book early as the cats are in great demand.  Beer, juice, water and light snacks are included.  From here the sky’s the limit for anything you may wish to eat and we will gladly prepare some tasty delights based on your culinary preferences.

4. Private Pigeon Island History & Hike

Pigeon Island St Lucia
Pigeon Island History & Hike

Come discover Saint Lucia’s spectacularly colourful history while getting a power workout all in one

  • 3.5 hours
Exertion Level
  • Gently Strenuous
Saint Lucia is referred to as the Helen of the West Indies because as an island her beauty has been considered on par with Helen of Troy’s.  And to top it off the British and the French fought over her so much that she changed hands a total of 14 times between those two.  But there is so much colour and fascinating history within that English/French affair – From the American War of Independence to World War II when US President visited the the bay outside Pigeon Island to inspect the Naval Air Station the US military had commissioned.
Not only will you discover all of this fascinating history, but you will enjoy a gently strenuous workout as we scale the island’s twin peaks to enjoy the lofty views from way up high
This is a Must Do Private Experience if you love the outdoors and adventure.

5. Private St Lucia Photo Tours

Fishing St Lucia
Men at Work – St Lucia
If you love photography, mostly shoot in Auto but want to take control of your camera this Private Experience is just right for you
  • 6 Hours … with more once you are up to it

The St Lucia Photo Tour is where it all began and folks have loved it so much that they have ranked me as the #1 Outdoor Activity in Castries saint Lucia for 5+ years in a row.  The Photo Tour immerses you in authentic Saint Lucia History, Culture, Everyday Life and cuisine through the medium of photography.  Kirk teaches you the fundamentals then takes you out to practice what you learnt by getting up close and personal with everyday St Lucian life and living.

This is an experience unlike all others and an excellent investment in your passion for photography

6. Private Photography

Every celebration deserves immortalizing and Private Photography will do that for you.
Love is in the Air St Lucia
Love is in the Air ~ St Lucia

Whether you are celebrating a birthday, an anniversary, you are getting married, or you are proposing, your trip to the island is incomplete without photography to immortalize your memories.

In fact when you are back home the only REAL proof and lasting memory of your time in St Lucia will be from the professional pictures you have taken.

All our photo sessions commence with a Zoom consultation so we can get to learn about your upcoming vacation and what makes it special for you.  We will then explore a variety of photo ideas that will allow us to create a truly customized photo package just for you.  From Photo Albums to Photo Slide Shows, to wall prints on canvas, or metal, or even acrylic – and everything else in between … we have you covered and you can expect to be blown away.
Kirk is truly passionate about photography and you’ll discover this from your very first click with him.

7. Private Gros Piton Hike & Community Experience

Gros Piton Hike St Lucia
Gros Piton Hike ~ St Lucia

Come experience the ULTIMATE St Lucia Hike & Community Experience in The Valley of the FREE People

  • 10 hours or so – depending on your resort

The community of Fond Gens Libre (Valley of the FREE People – in English) is home to the descendants of the island’s Freedom Fighters from the days of slavery 300 years ago.  Today many of the community’s residents serve as hiking guides and on your hike and community experience they will regale you with stories of the triumphs against great odds that their fore parents experienced.

This is more than just another mountain hike.  Instead it is an immersion in authentic St Lucian history, culture and cuisine unlike anything you will experience anywhere in Saint Lucia.  With the threat of climate change looming heavy on the horizon the community is on a mission to develop an International Benchmark of Sustainable Tourism Within a UNESCO World Heritage Site and they invite you to follow them on this journey to preserve their way of life.

8.  And There’s Even More!

Items listed above are just a taste of what we offer, however if you can dream it we can create it.  So let’s connect and create your perfect St Lucia Escape Itinerary…


Talk Soon,
One Love, Kirk



Your Private Experiences Ambassador