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I Am Lucian Webinar I – February 24th 2022

Petroglyphs of Saint Lucia – Balembouche River, Laborie – March 6th 2022

Exploring Our History – Secret Escape Shaft on Ma Lenton River, Dugard, Micoud

I Am Lucian Webinar II – April 10th 2022

In this webinar both Jomo and Mark share their lived experiences, as well as their unique perspectives on being Lucian.  Jomo is one of the rastas from the “Polis Moutay Morne Gimmie” notoriety and what a colourful story he shares.

And it’s quite insightful hearing Mark’s story of how he came to Saint Lucia and fell in love with the island and made it his home.  best of all was when he proclaimed being a Proud Neg Mawon!!

The Royal Visit & What does Saint Lucia Get From It

In this episode we also tackled the subject of the royal visit to saint Lucia in commemoration of the Queen of England’s Platinum Jubilee celebrating 70 years of her reign as Queen of England.  Interestingly no one in the audience seemed inclined to touch this subject.  However I believe that it is an important discussion for us to have, especially considering that we speak so proudly of 43 years of independence.

Check Out The Webinar Replay Below

I Am Lucian Webinar III – May 1st 2022

The Ladies Speak…

In this webinar we are introduced to perspectives of being Lucian from two ladies who have lived in the US for many years.  Being a Lucian abroad often creates a nostalgic awareness of “back home” so hearing their stories are quite insightful.  And while our population’s ethnicity is primarily negro there are ethnicities that are an integral part of the island and our collective Lucian-ness.  Indians, Syrians and whites readily come to mind.

So Kim who considers herself Indo-Caribbean brings a unique perspective to the conversation.  Then there is Joanne who in addition to being a historian is also cultural anthropologist with special interest in Saint Lucia.

These varied touch points make for another engaging episode which we invite you to check out and enjoy…


I Am Lucian Webinar IV – June 5th 2022

In this episode we continue the exploration of what exactly might the essence of Lucian-ness be by viewing Lucian-ness through the lens of white Saint Lucia.  This episode sheds light on some common misconceptions that persist in our society.  The episode reveals how easy it is for us to sell ourselves short and get it wrong by arriving at incorrect conclusions simply because we have never had meaningful conversations with each other.

The interesting thing about the engagement unfolding in these webinars is the amazing insights that are coming to light as a consequence of the unfettered and open dialog that ensues

Check Out Episode IV Below

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