I Am Lucian – Episode III

… and let us not forget our Grandmothers who all so often give to their grand kids their wisdom born of the maturity they didn’t quite have in their early days as mothers.

The replay of Episode III is now ready and I am delighted to share it with you.

If you missed it live I encourage you to check it out as our panelists this go around embodied that nurturing essence that is so beautifully uniquely female.

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I read every comment posted and so many of the comments I have been receiving are just simply amazing and things I’d never have thought of in a million years!

Here’s the replay, and Enjoy!

One Love, Kirk

2 thoughts on “I Am Lucian – Episode III

  1. Excellent show Kirk. I enjoyed the contribution of both guests and looking forward to number four…also liked that African proverb …so apt

    1. Hey Tamar,

      Happy to hear that you have enjoyed the contributions; and yeah that African proverb is so apt. Now we must be the lions and go tell our stories!

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