COVID-19 Mitigation Measures

Kirk Elliott COVID Safety CertificateThe COVID-19 pandemic is to date probably the single most impactful event of our lifetime and it has changed the way we go about everyday life at least for the foreseeable future.

Because the Private St Lucia Experiences we offer are custom designed and very personalized you will quickly develop very strong bonds with our Experiences Ambassadors you come into contact with. Not withstanding this it is important that we are ever mindful of how easily COVID spreads. We therefore remind you of the following when participating in our Private Experiences:

  1. As much as possible wear your face masks.
  2. We note however that it may not be practical to wear your masks on some of our more strenuous hikes.
  3.  Maintain physical distancing protocols of at least 6 feet from each other wherever and whenever possible
  4. Avoid physical contact with our Experiences Ambassadors.  This very important safety measure is easily breached  because as social beings we enjoy fist bumps, hand shakes and hugs.  But today instead you will find us quite often clasping our hands and bowing to you as an expression warmth and caring.  We invite you to recognise these gestures for the warmth and caring they embody as we endeavour to navigate this new normal that confronts us today.
  5. Soap and water as well as alcohol destroy the COVID-19 virus.  We will issue you a small container of hand sanitizer and encourage you to make use of it especially after coming into contact with surfaces that other persons may have previously touched.
  6. With these common sense COVID Mitigation measures in place let’s go have an Amazing Authentic Saint Lucia Experience!


Additional COVID info from the St Lucia authorities can be found through the links below: