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Welcome to Authentic St Lucia

Home of a little experiment that has been swimming around in my head
for some time now

Boats on the Bay – Saint Lucia

You see so many times when I post a picture on social media I get a flurry
of requests
from viewers wanting to purchase a print.

So when I was invited to work with the community of Fond Gens Libre
down in Soufriere to help them transform their Gros Piton Nature Trail
experience into something really grand I always had at the back of my
head creating a line of Saint Lucia Souvenir Cards for sale down there
and calling itAuthentic St Lucia.

These would be kinda like post cards, but a lot bigger to really let you
enjoy the image. This would make them relatively inexpensive and a
keepsake that would look really great framed and hung on a wall.

So I started out with some lesser known views of the Pitons and what
really surprised me was the way my friends reacted to these prints and
volunteering to buy the full set of 6

I’ve done a small run of these Souvenir Cards and will be promoting
them to Lucians at home and abroad.

Check them out below and be sure to click each card to discover the
behind the scenes story about how I created them


  • 1 Souvenir Card – U$8.00 plus $5 shipping & handling up to 2 cards
  • Set of 6 Souvenir Cards – U$5.00 ea. plus $10 shipping & handling
  • Shipping & Handling is for world wide coverage

Part proceeds go towards early childhood education and sustainable tourism
development in Fond Gen Libre, Soufriere.

Once You Have Placed Your Order

After placing your order email us the name & address your Souvenir Prints
should be sent to along with your receipt number by clicking the link below

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We ship from St Lucia via Registered Mail which you will be asked to sign
for receiving.

Registered mail is shipped on a Tuesday only so Allow 3 – 4 weeks for
receipt depending on the day your order is placed.

For faster shipping via FedEx please contact us via the contact us form at
the top of the page or via the link below and let us know where to FedEx
to so we can tell you the charge:

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Gros Piton ~ Saint Lucia

Authentic St Lucia Souvenir Cards

Majestic Pitons ~ Saint Lucia

Authentic St Lucia Souvenir Cards

The Pitons North View ~ Saint Lucia

Authentic St Lucia Souvenir Cards

The Three Pitons ~ Saint Lucia

Authentic St Lucia Souvenir Cards

This Old House ~ Saint Lucia

Authentic St Lucia Souvenir Cards