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Month: November 2013

St Lucia Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

About St Lucia

On this day of Thanksgiving for my USA friends I’m gonna take a moment to say a heartfelt “Thank You” to you for subscribing to my blog posts… I am…

My Week In Trinidad

Kirk Elliott

I’ve just returned from an amazing week down in Trinidad helping my mother-in-law promote her new vegetarian cookbook.  My involvement in this cookbook started about two years ago when I…

St Lucia Sunset

St Lucia Photography

Wow! – It’s hard to imagine that it’s Day 30 already… And I hope you have enjoyed exploring St Lucia with me over the last month.  I also hope that…

St Lucia Sunset Photographer

St Lucia Photography

I promised in a post some time ago to tell the story of the challenges I encountered on this photo shoot. So today I’ve returned to tell the story.  This…

Photography Tips & Tricks – The Michael Angelo Theory

St Lucia Photography

A question I get asked all the time is “Kirk how do you get such great pictures?” and if you have been asking this question too well I’ve got the…

Pigeon Island

St Lucia Beaches – Rodney Bay

About St Lucia

Couple of days ago I featured an aerial shot of Rodney bay with Pigeon Island in the background.  Well today I thought I’d share the type of view you can…

St Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival

About St Lucia

Just over 20 years ago St Lucia wanted an event that would attract visitors just as our winter tourist season was coming to an end.  The event needed to draw…

Scuba Diving St Lucia

St Lucia Things To Do

To date we’ve only explored the things to do above water so today I thought – Why not venture en bas glo, which translates from our Creole to below the…

St Lucia Speed Boat Tour

St Lucia Speed Boat Tour

St Lucia Tours

A St Lucia speed boat tour has suddenly become all the rage on a St Lucia vacation and while catamaran boat trips used to be quite popular they just take…

Rodney Bay Marina

Rodney Bay Marina

About St Lucia

Got a request the other day for aerial shots of the Baywalk Mall and simply couldn’t resist shooting some pics of Rodney Bay Marina.  This marina was created in 1986…

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